About Aja

About Aja

Aja Kim came to be a Shaman and Psychic/Medium in a uniquely roundabout way. For most of her life, she worked as a professional singer/songwriter and recording artist. She toured and collaborated with various artists such as Clarence Clemons, renowned saxophonist with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. She has also worked as a lead vocalist with guitar legend Bruce Conte of Tower of Power and the all-female tribute band The Iron Maidens.  

Outside of her busy life in show business, she received her black belt in the martial art of Shotokan karate from Tsutomu Ohshima, a direct student of the father of modern-day karate, Gichin Funakoshi. Aja also taught beginners, women and children. This training opened the doorway of understanding the concept of ‘Moving Zen’. It was also a doorway to deeper knowledge and to her own spiritual path. 

Aja had always been curious about the unseen world, even as a child. She would often give card readings when she was younger and her intuition was always strong.  A friend once said, “Aja, I think you might be a psychic.”  Those words grabbed her attention and eventually led her to study shamanism with a Native American teacher who included training as a psychic and medium in lieu of plant medicines. She also began a mentorship with famed psychic/medium Tony Stockwell.  

When Covid-19 came along, and life as we knew it changed forever, it became a rare opportunity for introspection and reassessment, for exploring a part of herself that she had never taken the time to fully develop. Music was only one of many ways to heal. Little did she know that she was being given a chance to fully integrate her personal life struggles and experiences, her knowledge of music, the music business, and the arts.  Her gift as an artist have also extended into her psychic/medium abilities as a spirit artist. 

“As a Shaman, energy healer and psychic/medium, I have learned all wisdom accumulated over time can be accessed and utilized.  Nothing is left behind.  It would be my honor to help guide you through what can be a uniquely life-changing and transformative experience.”    
May you always walk in beauty,