About Aja

Who I Am, What I Do and How I Got Here

Everyone comes to their true path in their own time and in their own fashion.  I came to be a Shaman and Psychic Medium in a completely roundabout way. For most of my life, I worked as a professional singer in L.A. surrounded and supported by the musical cream of the crop, while also writing, recording and touring the world with icons like E Street Band saxophonist, the Big Man, Clarence Clemons, and funk guitar legend from the Tower of Power,  Bruce Conte. 

This is also where the seeds of energy healing were sown, and how my light work began. Music is an important part of shamanism and has tremendous power. Through this power, I learned to create soul to soul connections and found a way to open myself as a bridge and channel.
When Covid-19 came along, life changed completely for me, as it did for so many others. The world slowed down and offered a rare opportunity for introspection and reassessment. I rediscovered 
inherited gifts and began exploring parts of myself that I had never had time or opportunity to fully develop.  I reconnected to my own spirituality like never before. It felt like a dam broke open inside of me! 

Eventually, I was guided to The Creek Lady Healer, and the teachings of the Shamans of Peru, as taught by shaman and medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo Jr. Ph.D.. However, instead of the usual hallucinogenic plant medicines, my teacher chose to utilize psychic mediumship, as the means to journeying and connecting to Spirit, training at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, in England, with direct students of renowned medium Gordon Higgins, as well as pioneering American mediums James Van Praagh and John Holland.  

For me, shamanism is a sacred trust and, just as with music, I come to it with the same intention of serving the highest good. This work respects all belief systems, including modern science. Many physicists are finally acknowledging what the EarthKeepers of Peru have always known - we are pure energy. We are connected to everyone and everything in this ever expanding universe. When we take this transformational journey we call life, when we say 'YES' to our gifts, we are simply adding to everything we already are. 

May you always walk in beauty,
Aja Kim 
Nov 2021