About Aja

Aja Kim
Shaman Energy Healer & Psychic Medium

Who I Am, What I Do and How I Got Here

I came to be a Shaman and Psychic Medium in a completely roundabout way. For most of my life, I worked as a professional singer and songwriter; performing live, recording music and touring the world.  

However, this is how the seeds of energy work were sown. As an artist, I've always thought of myself as healer. With music, I learned how to be a bridge to the listener and a channel for that inspirational higher power. 
(Which, interestingly, is also a part of what Shaman do.)  
When Covid-19 came along, life changed for me, as it did for so many others. It became a rare opportunity for introspection and reassessment, for exploring parts of myself that I had never taken time to fully develop. I rediscovered other inherited gifts that had lain dormant for many years and reconnected to my own spirituality like never before. It felt like a dam bursting open inside me!

I was guided to my teacher, Nancy Scott Fields, whose unique approach to Shamanism synthesized the teachings of the Shamans of Peru, her own family's Native American healer lineage, and psychic mediumship. She used mediumship as a substitute for the traditional hallucinogenic plant medicines, training at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England (where her teachers were direct students of renowned medium Gordon Higginson), as well as with pioneering American mediums James Van Praagh and John Holland.

My Shamanic work is as sacred as music has always been for me, and performed with the same intention of service to the highest good. It respects all spiritual belief systems. Even modern science and physics are finally beginning to acknowledge what the EarthKeepers of Peru have always known - we are all pure energy and connected to everyone and everything in the universe. What I am learning from this transformative journey is that there's no need to leave anything behind. When we say 'YES' to our gifts, we are simply adding more to everything we already are. 

May you always walk in beauty,
Aja Kim 
Nov 2021