Shamanic Healings

Experience a healing session with Aja via zoom, by phone or completely remotely!
Luminous Body Cleanse
The Shamans of Peru believe in energetic attachments that can become crystallized and embedded in the auric field (the energy field that surrounds the physical body).

I am trained to scan, detect and remove old energetic attachments that can become a source of spiritual and physical dis-ease.

Luminous Body Cleanse   $75.00
45 min. session
Soul Journeys
 Choose one of two guided journeys that may assist in realigning you to your soul's purpose.

A Soul Retrieval Journey  may assist in reconnecting you to your soul's original contract.
45 min. session

Destiny Retrieval Journey  may assist in redefining your best future.
45 min. session
Chakra Clearing
The chakras are spinning energetic disks that are  connected to specific points on the physical body. They can become blocked and sluggish over time. 

Clearing and rebalancing the chakras can assist in renewing and maintaining your energetic flow.

Basic Chakra Clearing
45 min. session

 7 Chakra Clearing 
1 hour session

Three Part Shamanic Healing

Pamper yourself with a spiritual spa day!
Experience a Basic Chakra Clearing, Luminous Body Cleanse and guided Soul Journey in one all encompassing healing session.

3 Part Shamanic Healing -  $150.00 
90 min. session 
Psychic/Medium Services
Psychic Reading
A psychic reading can help you tap into the wisdom of your own soul for guidance on how to live your most authentic life. I work with various tools, such as Oracle cards and Crystals, based on your preferences and needs

45 minute session: $75.00 
Mediumship Reading
As a medium, I work as a channel for the Spirit world. The goal is to bring messages from loved ones who have passed on, with the intention of providing comfort and evidence of the soul's continued existence. 

60 minute session: $100.00
Please Note: 
You can request a full refund within the first 10 minutes of the session, for any reason.

Any services can be combined according to your needs. Contact for details.

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