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What People Are Saying:

I was blessed to receive a Shamanic healing from Aja Kim. I have had many types of spiritual healing in the past but this was my first Shamanic experience. I must say it was an amazing journey.
My knee was swollen before we began and afterward I could see the swelling was going down. I felt wonderfully relaxed afterward and didn't want the experience to end. If you have never had a Shamanic healing, book one with Aja now!   
- Kay Reynolds, Medium and Author of 'The Evidential Medium' 

I write this review with the sincerest gratitude. My experience with Aja’s 3-part Peruvian Shamanic Healing Tradition was amazing in so many ways, for so many reasons. First and foremost, I felt safe the entire time. Aja was sure to communicate her entire process, beforehand. She was also sure to explain and describe the various modes of healing she used throughout the process, in real time, too. She is a very thorough person. She let me know that I should plan for time to rest to and recuperate, afterwards, which only enhanced my healing session. I highly recommend working with Aja. She is rooted in compassion, authenticity, light, and love. Her priority is healing and helping, which is incredibly evident in her pedagogy. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience her gifts.
- Ivory B., Houston, TX

Aja Kim is an amazing and highly gifted shaman.  She is wise, kind, compassionate, incredibly intuitive, and, most definitely, spiritually connected.  I have had several sessions with her, and the results have been amazing and life changing.  In one session, I literally felt a physical shift in my energy as she cleared my chakras. However, her healings go deeper than the physical.  She was able to see into my soul, and the things that I brought from my past lives into my current.  I am so grateful to her and her healings!
Jeane J., Los Angeles, CA  

Aja worked with me over Zoom for a healing session. The experience can only be described as indescribable. Through the course of the session, she energetically reached to the core of energetic blockage and released it. I can feel the difference to this day. Special bonus: she connected me to my ancestors -particularly the women- in the next realm, in a manner that they remain ever in my space of awareness, just a shift of focus away. Aja is a special person, endowed with wisdom, insight, power and compassion, and with requisite authority to guide you, and I, through a process of energetic transformation. 
-  G.K., Bangalore, India  

Aja Kim is a skilled and resourced Shaman and healer! Her readings are very clear and incredibly insightful. Her energy is calm and supportive. Aja helped me through a very difficult divorce and given me tools to reclaim and reframe the next leg of my journey with empowerment and joy!"
- Victoria P..,  Los Angeles, CA

As a developing medium, I felt that I had certain blocks and walls up, which I needed to further explore, better understand and ultimately heal so that I could more fully step into my own powers and abilities. My private session with Aja was extraordinary and unlike anything I previously ever had experienced. Aja is a truly gifted practitioner of many spiritual practices which she beautifully melds into a comforting, enlightening and healing experience. Aja took me on a beautiful journey, which she so vividly described, and I learned about a past life experience which very much carries over into my current life, I learned about my totem, and I experienced her healing and clearing which I know served my highest and best needs at that time. She works from her gorgeous heart and having a session with her will be a gift to yourself that you will treasure. 
  - Deborah C., Bradenton, FL  

My healing with Aja was beyond expectation.  Not only was her healing session effective and compassionate, but also inspiring and extremely uplifting.  She spent a huge amount of time listening to my experience with loss and much more.  Not for a moment did I feel rushed.  Her vibe and personality made me feel welcomed and in really good hands. 
- Jack M., Lakewood, CA