The Soul Has No Limits

Transfigure. Transform. Transcend.

What Is A Shamanic Energy Healing? 

My energetic healing practices are rooted in the ancient Peruvian Shamanic traditions - with one major difference. Instead of utilizing the traditional hallucinogenic plant medicines, I was trained in psychic mediumship to make the connection to Source. It's a powerful synthesis of ancient and modern traditions.

I don't guarantee results or cures.  My role is to assist and guide you in your  process of self discovery. My intention is for you to have an experience of deep insight, spiritual renewal and, most importantly, light and love. All it requires is to be open and willing to receive that which is freely available to us all

A Shamanic healing can be a profoundly rewarding and beautiful journey.  It would be my privilege to be a part of yours.  

May you always walk in beauty,